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SAPS Clearance Certificates

You need not pay more to obtain your SAPS Police Clearance certificate in 15 working days. This is the current standard time for the finalization of clearance certificates. Expedited services are offered only in extreme circumstances as per the Criminal Record Centre.


We are here to assist you in obtaining your South African Police Clearance Certificate in the quickest and most cost-effective manner. Police Clearance Certificates are processed and issued by the SAPS Criminal Record Centre.

​We have helped thousands of South Africans living across the globe to obtain their South African Police clearance certificates on time. All applications are submitted to the Criminal Record and Crime Scene Management Office (formally CRC) the next working day after we received it. You will be updated on all aspects of your application in process.


What do I need to apply?

Fingerprints must be taken on the official fingerprint enquiry form in the country at the time of your application. Fingerprint form, SAP 91a, if available, may also be used in the country of residence. The enquiry form must be stamped and signed by the official taking the fingerprints.


The following documents must be included in your courier envelope to us:

original fingerprints or SAP 91a

certified copy of your ID or passport,

certified copy of marriage certificate (where applicable), and

completed application form.






Maiden Surname

It is important to note that for some countries, such as Australia, require the maiden surname to be included on the Police Clearance certificate. Please include a certified copy of your marriage certificate with your Police Clearance certificate application to include your maiden name to the clearance certificate.



Courier companies experience delays in the transit of documents due to the worldwide shortage of international flights. It is advised to courier your documents sooner to save you the time delay in courier services. You will receive an email from us confirming receipt of your documents.


Your application will be submitted in person the following working day after we received your documents. Payment is due within 7 days of us forwarding you the SAPS CRC Acknowledgement of Receipt as proof of the submission of your application to the Criminal Record Centre.


A follow-up email will be sent to you with the SAPS Enquiry number as soon as your application has been registered and a SAPS Enquiry number allocated to your application by the Criminal Record Centre. The current turnaround time for the issue of a Police Clearance certificate is approximate 15 days from the date of submission to the Criminal Record Centre.


Clients are requested to email us their tracking details when documents are couriered to our office.


Courier address


Unit 73, Nathan Park

650 Stephan Road




Our Fees

1 x Application      R1000-00
2 x Applications     R1750-00
3 x Applications     R2200-00
4 x Applications     R2500-00

SAPS Application fee R150-00 per application.

Return Courier fee   R700-00

DIRCO Legalisation   R300-00 per clearance certificate. DIRCO service will be at your request.

15 Days Service

No Upfront Payment