South African

Police Clearance

DACRO PCC is your gateway to obtain your South African Police Clearance certificate in the fastest, most ethical manner, delivered to your door.


What supporting documents do I need?

  • Original Fingerprint Enquiry (SAPS91a - South African Police Clearance application form, or the official Enquiry form used in the country of application)
  • SAPS Application Form
  • R150-00 SAPS fee proof of payment (We pay this on your behalf when applying from abroad)
  • Certified copy of your ID or Passport
  • Certified copy of Your Marriage Certificate


*The original Fingerprint Enquiry form must be submitted to the Criminal Record Centre. Electronically transmitted applications will not be accepted in any circumstance.



Fingerprint Enquiry Form

Your fingerprints can be done on the SAPS 91a form when applying from abroad. However, it is prefered to use the official fingerprint enquiry form of the country where you apply from. Depending on the country where you apply, the police or an authorized agency will assist you in the taking of your fingerprints, for example, Canada (done by Police), Australia (done by Police) and New Zealand (done by NZPost and Kiwibank). 



Maiden Surname

Your maiden surname may be required to appear on your South African Police Clearance certificate in the country (such as Australia) where you will be presenting your police clearance certificate for your visa application. Please obtain this information from the authorities in your intended country of visa application.



What we do

As soon as we receive your application at our office we will notify you of the receipt of your documents. You will receive an email from our team with the proof of submission of your SAPS PCC application to the Criminal Record Centre. Upon registration of your application at the CRC your application will be allocated a SAPS Enquiry number. You will be notified via email of the SAPS Enquiry number.


We visit the Criminal Record Centre (CRC) on a daily basis and we will send you updates of your application as we receive information. We do weekly follow-ups with the CRC so you can rest assured, knowing that your PCC is on its way. When we take receipt of your Finalised SAPS Clearance Certificate, we will email you a PDF copy thereof. We courier your Original SAPS365 Police Clearance Certificate to you the same day that we receive it. We also do a DPCC Quality Assurance check, to ensure that your certificate is 100% correct and ready to be used.



What are the costs involved? 

Please contact our friendly team with your requirements and you will receive a detailed quote from us. We are confident that you will be quoted the best prices on service fees.



When do I pay?

Payment for your application/s is not made upfront. You will receive our invoice when we receive your documents. You will have 7 days to send us your proof of payment. We don't wait for your payment though. Upon receipt of your application, we immediately compile and submit your application to the CRC in Pretoria. This is to ensure that your application is in process with the CRC in the shortest possible time.



Our address for you to courier your applications:

Attention Chris


73 Nathan Park

650 Stephan Road



073 727 7121



For more information or to experience our friendly assistance, contact us on +27(0)73 727 7121 or email us at