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Document Legalization

Apostille Certificate and Certificate of Authentication

South African government-issued documents and private documents to be accepted by foreign governments and companies, must be authenticated or “legalized”, the process of validating the authenticity of the document and document signatory.

An Apostille Certificate will be attached to your document/s, where the intended country of use is a party to the Hague Convention. In this case, your document/s will not be Notarised by the Embassy.

Where the intended country is not a party to the Hague Convention, a Certificate of Authentication will be attached to your document/s. Your document/s must be presented to the Embassy for final Attestation.

Both Apostille and Certificate of Authentication are issued by the Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO).


Obtaining an Apostille or Certificate of Authentication

No need for the process to be a daunting challenge. We are here to help you.


You are invited to deliver your document/s via courier to our courier address. Please email us your tracking details. We will start the process of legalization when your payment reflects in our bank account.


Depending on your legalization requirement, and not needed to be presented to an Embassy, your legalized document/s will be returned to you within 3 working days from starting the legalization process. Please note that Embassy processing times vary and have an impact on returning your documents to you.


Depending on the legalization requirements for your documents, the legalization process has various stages and may be required to be notarized/ attested by relevant government departments before being presented to the DIRCO and/or Embassies.


Some of the Documents we assist within the Legalization Process:

  • SAPS Clearance Certificates

  • Higher Education Qualifications

  • Unabridged Birth Certificates

  • TEFL certificates

  • Divorce Order Copies

  • SANDF Service Certificates

  • SANDF Exemption Certificates

Legalization Lead Time

Below are the indicative lead times (working days) for some of the various departments and embassies.


Notary Public and High Court    1 day

Department of Higher Education  1 day

Umalusi up to                  10 days

DIRCO                           2 days

Embassies                 3 to 10 days