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How to Order

We are a company that specializes in the Legalization of your documents for use abroad.


All documents must be Authenticated by the Department of International Relations and Cooperations by either Apostille Certificate or Certificate of Authentication


Should a private document require to be signed by a Notary Public, we can assist with this.

All documents for the purpose of Legalizations, issued by a South African Government Department, must be signed by the authorized signatory and stamped. Please ensure the validity period of the document.

Complete the Order page and submit your order online. Here you can choose the services you require. Following the "shopping cart", you will be directed to billing information. In the comments field, please indicate the country where the documents will be used and a list of your documents to be Legalized. You will be provided courier service options on the confirmation page.

After submitting your order online, you can download the confirmed order. Please print, sign and include a copy together with your original documents. You will receive an email confirming your order.

Please courier your documents to our forwarding address. We will email you a confirmation upon receipt of your documents. You will also receive our invoice for our Legalization service. Work will commence when your payment reflects in our bank account.

You can now sit back and relax. You will receive your Legalized Documents within the shortest period of time. 

Summary of Costs


  • SAPS Police Clearance Certificate application  R1 000.00

  • DIRCO Apostille Certificate  R650.00**

  • DIRCO Certificate of Authentication  R650.00**

  • Notary Public Service  R1050.00***

  • Dept Of Higher Education  R650.00**

  • Embassy/Consular Attestation  R650.00* 

  • Domestic Courier  R150.00

  • International Courier  R700.00

* Embassy/Consular fees are excluded.

** Fees as above are per group of documents and per client.

*** Notary Public fees include Notary fees for 1 document.




Using our new online ordering system :

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